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Pragmatic's roots are in WorkForce applications, with strong emphasis on security, data aggregation, and real time analysis and reporting. Pragmatic's solutions have time and again seamlessly integrated with our customer's disparate business systems to provide solid results. We specialize in providing dynamic and engaging user interfaces and providing rich reporting to support ongoing adaptation refinements. Where ever, whenever employees are learning. On any device, any time, in any situation. That's where Pragmatic's systems thrive.

Big Data

Our customer needed big data storage capability that provided extremely high security, stability and reliability. They needed flexible real time reporting, and scalability to millions of users. We built Leverage to accurately analyze data as soon as that data is collected, so that our customer's business interpretations are based on virtually instantaneous analysis and reporting. We helped our customer find meaning and significance in their big data.

Game Based Learning

Our customer needed an engaging user interface to improve their customer's user experience. They wanted the ability to aggregate large amounts of data quickly; to dynamically adapt content based on user choices online; and to view rich reporting in support of user behavior evaluation and further adaptation.

Adaptive Content Delivery

Our customer needed their content to be delivered in a flexible, individualized manner. We created a reusable application to engage the user and streamline delivery. Our module provides a highly adaptive user interface, with an efficient and customizable server- based delivery method.


Our customer wanted to collect and organize content online; to engage students; to assess student progress and learning; and to allow teachers to reward student proficiency with sharable badges adhering to standard specifications. Our customer needed to connect with and motivate off-line learners to utilize online systems. They needed badges to maintain persistence and validation of accomplishments.

Scenario- Based Assessment

Our customer needed a new complex type of scenario- based assessment that supported 3Cs (Cross- Cultural Competence), using engaging dynamic media. We are creating an immersive, engaging assessment application that will expose biases and help our customer with efficient employee placement. We are utilizing content authoring to allow customers to create their own dynamic content online, in real time, allowing for real-time reporting as the changes are occurring.