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From scenario-based assessment to project-based learning, proficiency pathways, and badges, Pragmatic has always led at the edge of educational innovation. Our web-based tools are designed to adapt to learner needs, address organizational data requirements, and scale to serve ever-growing distributed populations. Pragmatic combines solid technology solutions with excellent customer support, resulting in seamless integration and smooth experiences for all users.

Teacher Training

Our customer needed to enhance and scale their classroom management simulator for pre-service teachers. We created a dynamic online tool that was capable of producing tens of thousands of different types of behavior and language scenarios. Our tool assessed teacher response to the virtual students while guiding the teacher in learning new methods to manage different classroom settings.


Our customer wanted to collect and organize content online; to engage students; to assess student progress and learning; and to allow teachers to reward student proficiency with sharable badges adhering to standard specifications. Our customer needed to connect with and motivate off-line learners to utilize online systems. They needed badges to maintain persistence and validation of accomplishments.

K-12 Assessment

Our customer needed a computer- based assessment that supported testing using each school's local capacity. They needed a system that was reliable, stable, adaptable and scalable, with a small local footprint. Our customer needed support services for individual schools using the assessment.


Our customer's goal is to increase university student enrollment and retention, and to facilitate project- based learning. We are creating a flexible multi-platform application that will integrate large amounts of data from disconnected silos; adapt and individualize online course and major recommendations; provide engaging online tools to improve student learning; increase opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback; allow multi-student project interaction online; and provide students a vehicle to show evidence of proficiency.

Mission Skills Assessment

In the Fall of 2013, Pragmatic Solutions worked hand in hand with Independent Schools Data Exchange (INDEX) and Educational Testing Services (ETS) to design, develop, launch a support a web-based platform for testing 17,000 middle school students in 20 states. Supported on 5 platforms, 6 devices, and using wired and wifi connections, Pragmatic achieved unprecedented success by ending a 9-week testing window with 99.9% uptime, 100% data collection, and consistent high praise from over 70 local schools.