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Engagement is where Pragmatic applications really shine. Our Technology Solutions have been built from the start to use adaptation to drive an engaging experience that targets retention and increased performance. We specialize in providing dynamic, engaging UX/UI and delivering rich reporting to stakeholders.

Game Based Learning

Our customers needed an engaging user interface to improve their customer's user experience. They wanted the ability to aggregate large amounts of data quickly; to dynamically adapt content based on user choices online; and to view rich reporting in support of user behavior evaluation and further adaptation.

Customer Relationship Management

We have created a modular, dynamic E-CRM (Engagement CRM) application to aggregate data and centralize business processes, able to scale to more than a million users. We have experience integrating features such as social peer-to-peer feedback, profile building, project-based work systems, and trend analysis to increase engagement in our applications.


We were at the forefront of badging and continue to actively award achievement, with more than 6 million persistent and validated badges issued to date. We create engaging ways to motivate off-line learners to utilize our online systems. Our flexible, reusable achievement layer can be plugged into any online learning environment, game or simulation. We empower organizations to collect and organize content online; engage students; assess student progress and learning; and reward student proficiency with sharable badges adhering to standard specifications. Our partners need to connect with and motivate off-line learners to utilize online systems and maintain persistence and validation of accomplishments. We're there every step of the way to advise, develop, train, and drive improved outcomes.


Our customer's goal is to increase university student enrollment and retention, and to facilitate project- based learning. We are creating a flexible multi-platform application that will integrate large amounts of data from disconnected silos; adapt and individualize online course and major recommendations; provide engaging online tools to improve student learning; increase opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback; allow multi-student project interaction online; and provide students a vehicle to show evidence of proficiency.