About Us

Pragmatic Solutions was incorporated in 2002 to serve a single purpose: design and deploy innovative computer-based systems that maximize the collection, aggregation, and analysis of real-time data to individualize and enhance a user's experience and performance.

To achieve this vision, Pragmatic has worked to build expertise in a broad range of domains, including K20 education, teacher training, workforce development, military training, assessment, educational research, and game-based learning, among others. Capabilities include systems design, database architecture, scalable distributed networks, big data, user engagement, models for user on-boarding and support, rapid prototyping, and innovative assessment.

It is this broad knowledge and experience base that brought Pragmatic to the forefront of leadership in the America's Army® Game Project, and subsequently into a long standing relationship with some of the world's most prominent research and educational organizations.

Pragmatic's core management and senior development team is based in Westlake Village just north of Los Angeles, California with additional team members and specialists located through California and the United States.

Our Partners

Our solutions enhance the retention of users by supporting performance at a higher level, by increasing engagement, and improving learning. People to Data. Data to Results. Results to Understanding. Understanding to Adapting the Environment. And repeat. Leading to outcomes of Engagement, Learning, Performance, and Retention.