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Our customer needed big data storage capability that provided extremely high security, stability and reliability. They needed scalability to millions of users. We built Leverage to accurately analyze data as soon as that data is collected, so that our customer's business interpretations are based on virtually instantaneous analysis and reporting. We helped our customer find meaning and significance in their big data. Leverage is the solid foundation for all of our Technology Solutions, with a very secure yet modular and flexible architecture to cleanly integrate with customer systems.

Our customer needed their content to be delivered in a flexible, individualized manner. We created a reusable application to engage the user and streamline delivery. Our module provides a highly adaptive user interface to maximize engagement, with an efficient and customizable server-based delivery method.

Our customer needed to enhance and scale their classroom management simulator for pre-service teachers. We created a dynamic online tool that was capable of producing tens of thousands of different types of behavior and language scenarios. Our tool assessed teacher response to the virtual students while guiding the teacher in learning new methods to manage different classroom settings. New teachers learned how to modify their own behaviors to accommodate student issues. We also created very rich reporting capabilities to support deep evaluation of abilities. We use live authoring of content to allow the user to adjust their assessments in real time and measure the change in response as it was occurring. Instructors can manage and adjust course content at any point, and can build on shared content submitted by instructors across the globe. Our Teacher Training app has expanded from one state in the US to hundreds of institutions around the world.

Our customer needed a new complex type of scenario-based assessment that addressed Cross-Cultural Competency (3C), using engaging dynamic media. We are creating an immersive, engaging assessment application that will expose biases and help our customer with efficient employee placement. We are utilizing content authoring to allow customers to create their own dynamic content online, in real time, allowing for immediate and impactful reporting as the changes are occurring.

Our customer needed an engaging user interface to improve their customer's user experience. They wanted the ability to aggregate large amounts of data quickly; to dynamically adapt content based on user choices online; and to view rich reporting in support of user behavior evaluation to further drive adaptation.

Our customer experienced a major event that exposed serious flaws with existing enterprise level systems. They realized that their critical data was in many cases incomplete, incorrect, and hidden in disconnected silos, resulting in employee poor performance, attrition and escalating HR costs. They needed to integrate and reconcile data from disparate applications and re-engage employees. We created a dynamic E-CRM (Engagement CRM) application to aggregate data and centralize business processes for more than a million people. Features included social feedback, profile building, and trend analysis mapped against organizational needs.

Our customer wanted to collect and organize content online; to engage students; to assess student progress and learning; and to allow teachers to reward student proficiency with sharable badges adhering to standard specifications. Our customer needed to connect with and motivate off-line learners to utilize online systems. They needed badges to maintain persistence and validation of accomplishments. We built a flexible, reusable achievement layer on top of our content authoring platform, which can be plugged into any online learning environment, game, or simulation. We have a history of excellent customer service. We worked closely with our customer to define assessment and implementation practices around issuing badges. We also worked directly with end users who were students, teachers & administrators. We trained users in using the application, and in issuing and earning badges.

Our customer needed a computer- based assessment that supported testing using each school's local capacity. They needed a system that was reliable, stable, adaptable and scalable, with a small local footprint. Our customer needed support services for individual schools using the assessment. We built an administrative portal to manage multiple aspects of the assessment, including reporting. We implemented the client's assessment content in a modern and device- and browser- compatible approach. To better support our customers, we created a technical diagnostic widget and accompanying survey to help us identify needs at the local school level, and determine how best to support students, teachers and administrators at each school utilizing the assessment.

Our customer's goal is to increase university student enrollment and retention, and to facilitate project-based learning. We are creating a flexible multi-platform application that will integrate large amounts of data from disconnected silos; adapt and individualize online course and major recommendations; provide engaging online tools to improve student learning; increase opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback; allow multi-student project interaction online; and provide students a vehicle to show evidence of proficiency.

By developing custom dashboards, widgets and reporting portals, our team facilitates stakeholder engagement and agile decision-making. It starts with understanding the user who is viewing the information and identifying relevant and meaningful data. In the end, the user benefits with specific information to take immediate action.

Data is key. Pragmatic maintains a user's history, preferences, and current actions in an evolving user profile while simultaneously weighing learning and business objectives of partners. The result is highly individualized, data-driven models for optimizing user engagement and scaffolding experiences.

Pragmatic's Leverage platform has access to learning object repositories, assessment item databases, media libraries, extensive data records of user performance, and interface and design elements adaptable in real-time to individual user needs and partner's strategic goals. The outcome is optimum user performance and engagement.

Pragmatic's methodology for enabling assessment is unique: we embed all context for the learner's performance into every assessment response. Chronological and demographic data, as well as a catalogue of all responses and tendencies, are attached to each item in our database. We are able to assemble the most comprehensive data possible for all conventional assessment item type and newly emerging scenario-based innovations.

Badges, micro-credentials, character progression, adapted feedback, and more are among the types of reward systems Pragmatic designs and maintains for large populations of online learners. By tapping into our expertise in education, workforce, assessment, and engagement, we are able to advise and assist partners in creating reward systems that most effectively meet organizational objections and the needs of individual earners.

Of all the problems Pragmatic's partners most commonly lament, data silos top the list. Disparate data sets, frustration, loss of productivity, inaccuracies in reconciling data, and competing taxonomies are among the problems that Pragmatic's Leverage platform combats. By operating as an underlying data brokering foundation, Pragmatic is able to communicate with any system, regardless of ontology, taxonomy, metadata standard or infrastructure.

Pragmatic has been at the forefront of enabling the authoring of dynamic scenario and simulation-based content for over 10 years. We've strived to enable researchers, item developers, and subject-matter experts to create the most innovative dynamic content possible without forcing constraint into specific platforms, devices, or media tools. Pragmatic content authoring is flexible, scalable, device and platform independent and inherently connected to our rich reporting and adaptive capabilities.

While Pragmatic knows that online learning and workplace activity are pervasive, they aren't the only spaces for effective teaching, learning, and working. Often our partners support blended models, utilizing hybrid courses, live instructional opportunities, and other tools. Additionally, many of our partners have learner populations who do not have readily available computer and/or internet access at home. We've learned to be creative in our approaches for connecting with these learners during off-line time while maintaining the integrity and innovation in online learning experiences.

Online is where K20 learners and workforce earners are spending ever-increasing time. Understanding the inherent challenges of deploying web-based services anywhere, anytime, on any device on any local network is a particular specialty of the Pragmatic team. Through collaboration and training at the local level, coupled with high tech customer support, we ensure training programs, assessments, and other web services are delivered easily and effectively.

Pragmatic's stable, scalable Leverage platform enables the collection, aggregation, and analysis of large data sets in real-time for distributed user populations in the millions from any type of web-enabled or installed software solution. Games, simulations, assessments, learning management systems, and enterprise business systems are a sample of the locations from which Pragmatic can pull data and convert it to actionable information through analytics, reporting, adaptation, and reward systems.

Assessment is changing. As paper-based tests have migrated to computer delivered tools, the education sector has enhanced its interest in creating authentic assessments. Ones that layer constructs, are ecologically sound, and that enable learners to demonstrate complex proficiencies.

Pragmatic's methodology for facilitating project-based learning includes strategies grounded in learning theory, best use practices for online engagement, and experience in building productive social spaces online. This is an emerging sector and Pragmatic is delivering on this now.

Pragmatic's first customer required an extremely high level of security using advanced encryption techniques. Pragmatic's Leverage was created, and led to the crystallization of security and privacy for a big data environment. It's this same secure yet modular environment that supports and protects all of Pragmatic's Technology Solutions.

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