About Us

We are a multi-faceted technology company specializing in big data solutions for the Engagement, Education, and WorkForce spaces. We have spent the last ten years working as partners with our customers to create solutions resulting in increased performance, enhanced learning, increased retention, and engagement of users.

Peter Jakl

President and Chief Pragmatist

Peter's wealth of experience is in the effective use of data in a variety of businesses. "It's one thing to collect data points and derive something meaningful from traditional statistical analysis, but there are connections in data that when viewed as a stream of connections, it's possible to make inferences and predict outcomes." Pragmatic is a technology company that's true commodity is its people. The team is made of some of the most talented professionals the industry could hope to find. The company provides an environment to be productive and feel accomplished. "Our charter is to do something 'worthwhile'. The collective efforts of our people are going to make that happen and I thank them for a great ride that for the most part has just begun."

Robert Brown

COO and General Counsel

Pragmatic's leader for business development and revenue creation. Rob has spearheaded relationships with the U.S. Army, AOL, SAIC, Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Curtin University, among others. Rob's business acumen has helped propel Pragmatic into an industry leader in the areas of Big Data, Analytics and Scenario Based Assessments. Whether it is building off of Pragmatic's core technologies or working closely with our customers/partners to develop their own vision, we are uniquely situated to find the Pragmatic Solution for you.

Rob brings over 25 years of experience working in Technology, Entertainment and Gaming industries, as well as Intellectual, Transactional and Privacy Law.

Stacy Kruse

Director of Education and Serious Games & Creative Director

In her role as Director of Serious Games and Education at Pragmatic, Stacy has spent the last 8 years developing expertise in designing learning, recognition, and assessment systems for formal and informal K20, corporations, and military organizations. Stacy's focus is finding the intersection of engagement, outcome maximization, sustainability, and optimum communication as it relates to each population and cultural community of users.

While Stacy oversees all creative development and technical implementation for new programs, enhancing partner relationships, designing on boarding and support strategies, and advising data collection and analysis are also fundamental components in her systems design process.

Our Partners

Our solutions enhance the retention of users by supporting performance at a higher level, by increasing engagement, and improving learning. People to Data. Data to Results. Results to Understanding. Understanding to Adapting the Environment. And repeat. Leading to outcomes of Engagement, Learning, Performance, and Retention.